When is England’s first match at the World Cup 2022?

You can use our free downloadable FIFA World Cup 2022 wallchart spreadsheet to see which teams are in England’s group at the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

England are in Group B and looking at the teams involved there will be some great matches in the group in Qatar.

England are labelled as team B1 and are the favourites to quality. Team B2 is Iran and B3 is the USA. Finally team B4 is Wales who qualified after beating Ukraine in the final round of qualifiers.

Here is the starting table

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Group B

When in England’s first match at the World Cup?

England’s first match will be against Iran on Monday 21st November at the Khalifa International Stadium. You can use the local time zone support which is included in our free downloadable World Cup ’22 Qatar spreadsheet to find out what time that will be in your local time zone.

Predict the Scores

Using our wallchart you can predict the scores from each of the matches and then our free downloadable wallchart spreadsheet will work out how each team are placed and who will proceed to the knockout stages. Download your copy here

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