Awaiting the world cup draw – spreadsheet wallchart updated after the world cup draw

Soccerwallcharts will be updating the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia wallchart immediately following the world cup draw in Moscow on Friday 1st December. If you come back to this site immediately following the draw you will be able to down load the free world cup spreadsheet wallchart.

2 thoughts on “Awaiting the world cup draw – spreadsheet wallchart updated after the world cup draw”

    1. Hi Ron
      Thanks for your question. Here are the specific instructions to download our Russia 2018 World Cup Wallchart spreadsheet….
      1) At the top of the page click the Download menu item
      2) Scroll down the download page to till you come across the red link “Click here for download instructions and link”
      3) There are then some short instructions on navigating the page that follows (though I’m sure you’ve seen those types of things before). The click the red link entitled “ FIFA World Cup 2018 Wallchart.xlsx”
      4) This will take you to the page, which, after 5 seconds will download the spreadsheet into your downloads folder

      Please note the spreadsheet is an xlsx file so you will need Microsoft 2007 or above and also that it does not have any macros in it so you can be sure it isn’t a virus!

      We hope this helps you find the link to download the world cup spreadsheet
      Kind regards

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