Run your own World Cup 2018 predictor competition

Buy our Russia World Cup 2018 predictor competition spreadsheets are please to announce that our Russia World Cup 2018 predictor competition spreadheeet is now available.

Our Russia World Cup 2018 predictor competition spreadsheets use a special version of the main world cup spreadsheet and also a second spreadsheet to calculate the table of you, your fries, family and colleagues.

Buy, download, use the Russia World Cup 2018 predictor competition spreadsheet

As with our recent Brazil world cup 2014 and Euro 2016 predictor competition spreadsheets this is how you purchase it…

1) Make a payment of £9.95 to our paypal account which is using the buy now button below or a straight forward friends and family payment
2) Send an email to our sales email address at including the reference number of your payment
3) You will then receive back an email with a link to download your purchase
4) By clicking on the link you will receive a zipped file containing the two spreadsheets
5) Unzip the file and you are good to go!!!!!

6) If you have any problems at all please email us immediately at and we will resolve your issues.

To use it simply send the entry predictor spreadsheet to your friends, family and colleagues for them to fill in.
Follow the instructions in the table spreadsheet to copy their predictions into the league calculating spreadsheet and job done!

Here is the link to paypal:

Customised Russia World Cup 2018 Predictor Competition Spreadsheets for your company

We also provide a customised version of this. Amongst others ETA have been purchasing and using our predictor competition spreadsheet” since 2014 and this is what they say:

ETA May 2018:’s predictor competition spreadsheets are safe, easy to use and totally accurate. We’ve used then since 2014 to run our bi-annual World Cup and Euro Predictor competition for our clients and are very pleased to be repeat users.

If you want a customised version please email us at and we will be in contact to help.

Snapshots of the spreadsheets:

  1. The entrant spreadsheet
  2. The config sheet3. The entries sheet 4. The final table

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