Download Euro 2016 France Spreadsheet

UEFA EURO 2016 finals in France Excel Spreadsheet

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Our 2016 UEFA EURO Finals Spreadsheet has been updated with the draw from France on 12th December 2015. It has also been updated with the amendments to match times.

By clicking the link below you can download our free Excel Wallchart for the UEFA EURO 2016 finals in France.
This is a free download. Our Football UEFA EURO 2016 finals in France spreadsheet has a full schedule of all the tournament’s games. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the position of each football team according to game scores and latest UEFA rules and generates the UEFA EURO 2016 finals in France tournament knockout schedule right through to the Euro Cup final. This includes the accurate calculation of the 4 third place teams who will progress to the finals knockout stage.

Download the spreadsheet by clicking this Link