2016 UEFA Euro Wallchart

This is our free 2016 UEFA Euros wallchart. As with all of our wallcharts it has a lot of great functionality in it so download it for free.

Our Euro 2016 wallchart is written in Microsoft Excel and has no visual basic so you can be sure you have a safe virus free wallchart which you can use to track your team’s scores and progress in your local time zone.

The free UEFA 2016 Euro wallchart contain all of the group games along with their match times. The match times can be adjusted to your local timezone so you can see exactly when the matches will be played.

The wallchart accurately calculates all of the group tables after you have entered each match score. It will also, after thr group game are completed, correctly identify the teams for each of the Round of 16 matches.

For the Roud of 16 and all of the following knockout stage games, if you enter a draw then the wallchart permits you to enter the penalty scores to identify who will progress to the next round. If penalty scores are entering into the wallchart but the 90 minute match score is not entered as a draw then the penalties entered are ignored.

Our 2016 UEFA Euros Wallchart is available for free from our download page

Finally, we know that we all love having something for free. However to enable us to maintain our website we had to add a small number of clickable adverts into it. If you would like a copy without adverts or want a copy tailored to your organisation then please contact us and we will be in contact to help.


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